What Types Of Help Can You Get If You Own A Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business?

If you are the owner of a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), then you might have heard that there is help out there for you. What you might not know, however, is how much help there is out there, or you might not be sure of the different types of help that are available. Of course, as a business owner who might be struggling to get your small business off of the ground or to keep your established small business afloat, you can probably use as much help as you can get.

Need A Notary? Here's What You Need To Know

Have you been told that you needed to get some paperwork notarized? No what? Here's everything you need to know about getting documents notarized.   What is a notary? A notary, sometimes called a notary public, is a person appointed by their state of residence to be an impartial witness when documents need to be signed.  What does it mean to get something notarized? If you are told that you need to get a document notarized, it means that all parties need to sign the document in the presence of a notary.