3 Benefits of Local News Coverage

In the vast landscape of news media, there are a handful of major, popular outlets that cover national and international news. These networks do valuable work in their own spheres of influence, but in recent years, they have come to dominate - and often completely eclipse - local news coverage. While this business model shows no signs of slowing, there are substantial benefits that only local news coverage can offer. Continue reading to discover just three of the biggest ones below.

Community Relevance

While multinational news corporations might boast complex algorithms that promise to deliver customized news, only the local news is capable of delivering the most relevant content to local communities. Beat writers, for example, cover sports teams in much greater detail than other, larger publications. Local events and establishments are also covered or reviewed in depth. All of this equates to a sense of community that is both produced and uniquely reflected by local news. This, in turn, creates a sense of connection that people feel to other individuals in their community, something that is rarely, if ever, generated by national news.

Fostering Accountability

When local news is largely absent from a community, important news stories that affect it often go unreported. For instance, if a council meeting goes uncovered, or a school board vote is not reported on, members of the community who stand to be most affected may be left completely unaware. Worse still, the lack of local coverage may force members of the community to get their news from other sources that contain more bias or misinformation, or simply don't tell the whole story. Because local news agencies cover issues that directly affect their viewers or readership, they are in a better position that allows them to promote accountability among elected officials. 

Strengthening the Economy

Another key benefit of local news coverage is the way in which it strengthens the economy it is a part of. In fact, local news agencies can connect local businesses to residents in a way that few other media can, whether through print or television. A network of direct, impactful relationships between small businesses and members of the community can do wonders for the economic health of a city or county. Everything from infrastructure to education can be improved when businesses advertise through the local news and reach out to others not just as potential customers, but as members of the same community.

For more information, reach out to a local news source, such as Gazette-Mail, to learn more.