3 Reasons To Visit Your Local Primary Care Clinic

There are many kinds of medical clinics and health care centers that provide a variety of different services for their communities. Primary care clinics are among the most common and are worth a visit for anybody who is in need of either preventative care or treatment of mild symptoms. Keep reading for just three of the reasons that you should consider a visit to a primary care clinic the next time you need to consult with a healthcare professional.

Screening for Serious Conditions

While most primary care clinics do not treat serious medical conditions themselves, they definitely offer screening services that test for these conditions. Whether it is because of genetics or lifestyle, you may be at risk for conditions as varied as high blood pressure or diabetes without knowing it yet. Primary care clinics are a cost-effective way to find out if you need—or are very likely to need—treatment in the near future. A screening such as an oral blood glucose test for diabetes only takes a couple of hours but can entirely change how you approach your health care.

Conducting Annual Physical Exams

Many people put off an annual physical until the last minute because they want to avoid an inconvenient and expensive trip to the hospital. Thankfully, annual physical exams are conveniently offered either free or at a very low cost by almost all primary care clinics. In addition to a number of screening services, these exams are likely to include detailed conversations on how to improve your diet and exercise routine. You can also expect to be updated on any immunizations you may have missed. Finally, annual physical exams give you an opportunity to tell your primary care physician about any pain you may have been experiencing recently or new medication that you have begun taking. There's simply no reason not to take advantage of annual physical exams.

Treating Minor Injuries

It is all too often that people ignore a minor injury because they don't want to take a costly trip to the emergency room. The problem with this line of thinking is that many minor injuries often turn into major problems due to infection or lack of proper treatment. Whether you have sliced your finger while using a kitchen knife or burned your hand on a hot stovetop, it's best to seek out immediate treatment from a healthcare professional at a nearby primary care clinic.