Why You Should Care About Politics

When it comes to politics, a lot of people in the country feel like the USA's political parties are quite divided. Politicians, in general, don't have a high favorability rating on the national level, but that doesn't mean there aren't people out there who genuinely care. Politics can affect your life every day whether you realize it or not. If you haven't voted in a while, here are just a few reasons why you might want to start getting involved in politics.

Stop and Think About How Much Politics Really Affects You

Did you buy coffee at a local cafe and get charged tax? That specific tax amount was likely set by a local or state politician. The same is true for the tax you might pay at a retail store. If there are specific traffic laws in your state, you have to comply with what was decided upon by local politicians every time you hit the road. A lot of people like to say that politics don't matter, but if you stop and really think about it, some politician somewhere likely affected you in a variety of different ways today and will continue to do so in the future. Saying that you don't care about politics or that politics don't matter is simply leaving your agency and choices in life up to other people.

Be an Informed Voter at the Booth

Far too many people in this country only tune into politics the week before the next election. Some don't even read the latest news then and only vote according to a party line. But just because someone is of the same party as you does not mean you share all the same opinions. Be an informed voter at the booth by tuning in on a regular basis, and you'll likely be able to make smarter choices on election day.

Politics: It's Like Sports for Nerds

If you really want to get involved in politics, you might even be able to get involved in a local politician's latest campaign. Whether it's Efren Martinez for state assembly or someone else, there's likely a political campaign that you can be involved in right now. Politics can be exciting once you're involved, and you'll start rooting for your favorite candidate in the same way that others might root for their favorite sports team. It's just that instead of watching the scoreboard, you'll be reading the latest poll results and trying to figure out what it all means.