Political Platforms In An Election Year: Where Do Your Senators Stand? And Why Is It Important?

This year, 2016, is a major election year. Not only do U.S. citizens make the historical vote on who should be the next President of the country, but they also have to cast votes for many senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen and some representatives for the House of Representatives. With all of that voting going on, it is easy to get lost in the melee of political rallies and advertising and lose sight of the real issues. Do you know where your current senators stand? Do you know why their platforms are important? If you live in Southern California, there are certain issues that may be more important there than issues in New York City or Chicago. Here is a closer look at the issues and platforms by one particular senator, Galgiani, and why it is important to know and understand these political issues. 

Galgiani 2016

Senator Cathleen Galgiani is up for re-election in District 5 of Southern California. Constituents have to decide if they want her to continue representing them another six years based on her performance and record over the previous six years. In this example, this particular senator exacted some very major changes, some of which may need additional support in the coming years. A high-speed railway for California has been one of this senator's major projects, and a major project started by one senator may be abandoned by electing an entirely different senator to office. Rather than helping the economy with all of the jobs and tourism the railway would provide, the lack of a railway would remove those opportunities and cost taxpayers a lot of money because the railway was never fully realized.

Other issues and platforms of this particular senator included support for farmers so that California could continue to produce fresh produce to the rest of the nation, and enacting legislature that would clean up much of SoCal's air pollution. Even if you are not a member of a special interest group that is involved in agriculture or environmental issues, you benefit from these platforms and resolutions. You get cleaner air to breathe, and the state may reduce your individual tax burden because its farmers are able to grow more food, sell it everywhere, and support the state's economy. In short, the platforms and issues that the senators take, and the ones they work on while in office, should be picked up and carried on to the benefit of all of the residents in an area, and that is why your individual vote matters.